Our Events


Bronte Swimming Club prides itself on enabling our members to compete in all swim strokes, not just Freestyle.

  • Swimming in Club events is optional. Even if you do not intend to swim on the day we still welcome you to participate in other ways and enjoy the sunshine, scenery, and social atmosphere
  • How our Handicapping Works - Your first swim in any event will be off GO (scratch) so we can determine your time for each event you swim in. The next time your event is run you will have been allocated a handicap so the fast swimmers will have a larger handicap than the slower swimmers. This evens out the races and gives everyone a chance of winning.
  • As the Bronte Pool is 30M long you have the option of swimming one of  3  distances in each stroke (excluding butterfly (30M only), medley (120M only) and 7 lapper events (210M only)).
  • On a rotating fortnightly basis we hold the following events:
    •   Freestyle (90M, 60M, 30M) + Breaststroke (90M, 60M, 30M) / Medley ( 30M each of the 4 strokes - 120M) and
    •   Freestyle (90M, 60M, 30M) + Backstroke (90M, 60M, 30M) / Butterfly (30M) / 7 Lapper (210M)

  • Club Championships Our final swim of the season is on Championship Day. A combination of Championship races and handicapped events of all the usual races are held and is capped off with the Family Brace Relays (i.e. 2 members of the same family in a 30M relay format) and a 10 person relay
  • Social races Occasionally we also run social races including brace races, relays, Christmas races and family races. We also have coffee weeks, BBQs and other celebrations. See the events calendar for dates and times.
  • Please refer to the Events Calendar to see which events are being held in the coming weeks.

So please feel welcome to come along and have a swim with us, even if it is a single 30M lap of freestyle.