Photo Gallery

Our Gallery holds current photos of Bronte Swimming Club activities and the surrounds of Bronte Beach and Pool.

Photos can only be republished with specific permission of Bronte Swimming Club Inc.

For historical photos of Bronte Beach and Ocean Pool, and Bronte swimming activities, please visit our History Gallery under our History menu

Bronte Swimming Club banner on fence
Bronte ocean pool and park
Bronte ocean pool
Bronte pool from the north point
Bronte beach from Bronte ocean pool
Bronte beach with pool in background
Brone beach north point
Bronte Pool - The Swimmer
Ready for the races!
Bronte pool in spring
Bronte pool
Races in Bronte pool
Bronte pool waves
Bronte pool races
Plum Pudding Racers
Tiny Tots race  escort
Tiny Tots race  escort
A future swimmer
Start of Races
End of club relay
Club Relay over
Family race winners
Winter swim at Bronte
Bronte Breastroke
Bronte surfers
Big surf off Bronte pool
At the start
Bronte club championships - Senior Relay
Beginning of the Tiny Tots 30m race
Tiny tots 30m escort duties
Another Saturday at Bronte Pool
A big surf at Bronte pool
Another Christmas luncheon
Bronte Swimming Club presentation night
Bronte Swimming members
Bronte Swimming presentations - Stephen
Bronte Swimming presentations - Jan and Stellar
Bronte Swimming presentations - Liz
Bronte club champions 2011 - Brian